Howard Song
Hello There!

I'm Howard Song

Web Developer / Data Scientist

Who Is This Guy?

Data scientist by day. Web developer by night. Wannabe entrepreneur. Semi-competent swimmer. Active basketball player. Terrible Spanish speaker. Collector of cool ideas. Avid life-long learner. Awkward dance expert. Self-professed nice guy. Proud dog dad of a little doggie princess.

In summary, these are some things I do:

  • data/statistical analysis & visualization
  • machine learning & predictive modeling
  • process automation (e.g. report automation, scheduled data processing, etc.)
  • building web applications & APIs
  • building ETL pipelines

I use technology and my analytical abilities to solve real-world problems. Maybe it's determining the optimal pricing of merchandise to maximize sales. Maybe it's creating an interal software/application for business managers to monitor the sales performance of their products. Maybe it's automating compilations of tedious and time-consuming reports on a timed schedule. Or maybe it's building an anomaly detection system that periodically scans the database to check for anomalies. Whatever it is, I will own it and deliver.

My analytic acumen, combined with my technical ability to develop software applications, allows me to not just simply analyze, but also create data-driven products that others can easily consume and operate. Depending on what I'm tasked with, I can jump from being a data scientist, data engineer, or web developer.

And the best part? I love doing it. I think each problem is a puzzle to solve, and I love challenges that forces me to think critically and come up with creative solutions.

Now, I believe the world is in danger. Let's go save the world!

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