Work Experience

January 2022 - September 2023


Senior Data Scientist

  • Created and managed automated ETL processes using Python scripts, Apache Airflow, and Snowflake
  • Performed data analyses to answer reward-related business questions, using SQL and R
  • Designed, developed, and maintained virtual loyalty economies within PLAYSTUDIOS mobile games
  • Created a simulation model assess the impact of different loyalty points configurations
  • Created a pricing model to optimize the merchandise sales of Reward Store
Tech Stack: SQL (Snowflake), R, Python, Docker, Linux, Git, Apache Airflow
December 2019 - January 2022


Data Scientist

  • Performed data/statistical analyses to answer business questions using R and SQL
  • Built ETL pipelines to persist data into a data warehouse using Python scripts, Apache Airflow, and Snowflake
  • Built automated programs, such as data anomaly detection program and scheduled report compiler, using Python, R, and SQL
  • Created prediction models to detect churn and forecast metrics
  • Built a data-driven web application for internal admins, using Python Flask
  • Performed A/B tests to provide optimization solutions
Tech Stack: SQL (Snowflake), R, Python, Flask, Docker, Linux, Git, Tableau, Apache Airflow, Talend Open Studio
December 2017 - December 2019

Design Box

Web Developer

  • Created various websites
  • Developed marketing automation scripts in Python
  • Developed a software-as-a-service web application in Python Flask

Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL, Python, Flask, Selenium, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git
June 2014 - February 2016

Independent Consulting & Contract

R Programmer, Data Scientist

  • Provided data analytic services to various clients (clinical researchers, sporting betting platforms, energy provider, bovine farm, IP patent company, startups, consulting firms, etc.)
  • Built interactive data visualization dashboards, one of which used by a Fortune 300 company
  • Implemented machine-learning solutions
  • Developed an open-source R package
Tech Stack: R, Git
June 2014 - May 2015


Data Scientist

  • Performed data analyses to answer business questions
  • Produced automated reports and implemented analytic dashboards
  • Used data modeling to identify potentially unsatisfied/unhappy customers who are at risk for refunding or issuing chargebacks to deliver preemptive support
  • Built an alert system that monitors the number of sales requests and payment errors
Tech Stack: R, SQL (Amazon Redshift), NoSQL (MongoDB), Linux, Git
February 2013 - May 2014

Horizon Web Marketing

Web Designer & Project Manager

As a web designer:
  • Built and maintained websites
  • Performed SEO tasks for search engine ranking improvements
As a project manager:
  • Managed web design projects
Tech Stack: HTML/CSS, WordPress, Google Analytics

Professional Skills

* Percentage represented in self-assessed relative confidence level

Data Science & Analytics

R (ggplot, tidyverse, caret, etc.) 90%
SQL (i.e. Snowflake, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) 90%
NoSQL (i.e. MongoDB) 70%
Excel / Tableau / other BI tools 40%

Web & Software Development

Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy ORM, etc.) 90%
PHP (vanilla) 85%
JavaScript (vanilla) 40%
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 80%
SQL (i.e. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite) 90%
NoSQL (i.e. MongoDB) 85%

Other Technology

Git 60%
Docker & Docker-Compose 50%
Linux (Ubuntu) 50%


2009 - 2011

Harvard University

Pursued Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology.

2007 - 2009

Rancho High School

Salutatorian; Honors Diploma; Academic Excellence Medal; Senior Award in Science.


  • Howard is an extremely gifted data scientist, constantly perfecting his craft. Although I was only able to work directly with him for a few weeks, while assisting him with a career change, it was apparent to me that he would be achieving great things in the data science realm for years to come.

    Luke Leonard Talent @ Coupa
  • I had the pleasure of working with Howard at Horizon Web Marketing. He was a quick study and learned a number of new techniques while working there. His commitment to learning new technologies and to providing quality service to customers is a benefit to anyone working with him.

    Robert Gillmer Founder @ Shiny 9 Web
  • I had the privilege of working with Howard for about 9 months. Howard is smart, honest, and diligent. Howard is always looking to exceed expectations and prides himself in his work. I believe Howard has the intellect, and strong-will to do anything he wants in life. Howard was more than a co-worker, but an awesome friend and mentor. Good luck out there, buddy.

    Julio Lopez Lead Mobile Developer @ Hmlet

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